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With decades of experience we are one of Okanagan’s leading roofing contractors. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing services, providing our customers with the highest quality workmanship and service. From asphalt shingles to metal roofs, we have the expertise to provide you with a top-notch roof that will last for years. Our team has completed thousands of projects across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, using only the best materials available.



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At Canclad Roofing, we have decades of experience in residential and commercial roofing across the Okanagan. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer service that exceeds expectations.

We are committed to delivering our clients a reliable, efficient, cost-effective roofing system. Whether your project requires a complete reroof or simple repairs, Canclad Roofing can provide solutions tailored to your needs.

We specialize in all types of residential roofing, including asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofing, flat roofs and cedar shake roofs. Our experienced commercial roofers are equipped to handle any size job, from minor repairs to full-scale commercial re-roofs. We use the highest quality materials available on the market today for a durable, long-lasting roof that you can trust.

At Canclad Roofing, we strive to make the process of getting a new roof easy and stress-free. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies, so that we can handle all the paperwork for you. We also offer free estimates, and our friendly customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have. So contact us today for a free quote and let Canclad Roofing take care of all your roofing needs!

Canclad Roofing is dedicated to providing the highest quality in workmanship and customer service in the Okanagan Valley. Our team of experienced professionals

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One of the most frequently asked questions, and not just for roofing contractors, is how to determine whether a roof has issues.

The answer may seem simple – the signs of roof issues are obvious. However, in reality, the signs of roof issues are often more complicated than they seem at first sight and can sometimes be difficult to spot.

Upon initial inspection, it is evident that there are common roofing issues including: 

  • Singles that are absent.
  • Water stains can occur indoors, causing unsightly blemishes and potential damage.
  • Roof components that are exposed and appear incongruous.

Despite that, some indications of roof damage may go unnoticed- such as worn-out plywood, pipe collar cracks, and leaks. In such cases, available choices lead us to the following question.

During springtime maintenance, you may notice a few shingles missing or wake up to a bathroom ceiling with a leak stain.

There are options when it comes to resolving a roofing leak. It’s not uncommon for people to wonder whether they need a new roof due to a leak, but the answer isn’t always straightforward. It depends on the severity and extent of the damage.

Deciding on the subsequent actions concerning your roof is dependent on various factors, e.g., its age, warranty, and scope of damage if any. Regardless of the case, the primary step should always entail engaging a roofing company to inspect the problem – an integrity-driven roofing company, that is.

The extent of the roofing damage, whether it’s a few missing shingles or a significant issue, will dictate your course of action for fixing the leak.

  1. A solution to a damaged roof may sometimes be a simple repair.
  2. Contacting your insurance provider to determine whether your roof qualifies for a replacement.
  3. Installing a fresh new roof to replace the old one.

When considering a brand-new roof, homeowners usually want to know one thing: how much will it cost? While there are multiple options available, the question persists.

Several factors determine the cost of a new roof; foremost among these is your roof’s size, which is measured by what is called “A Square” – 100 square feet.

We price based on square footage, which covers removing old shingles and installing new attire, with the cost contingent on shingle type.

We share that shingle prices per square include:

  • Three Tab Shingles – $390 per square
  • Architectural Shingles – $440 to $6005 per square

Based on these figures, a modest-sized home, around 20 squares in area, would cost homeowners anywhere from $7800 to $8200.

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Please note that this estimate presupposes no extra costs, including replacing plywood or fixing flashing. The size of your roof determines the total price you’ll pay. For instance, a townhome roof would cost less than $7,600, while a larger home with a hip roof would be more expensive.